Visual Representations, Typologies & Taxonomies

Visual Representations, Typologies & Taxonomies

-Visual Representations of data

The Infographic

Rationale: Why use this sort of “fancy stuff”?  Are we here to learn or to be “sold a bill of goods”!!  Is there any steak in all this sizzle?  What about “chalk and talk”, bla bla bla

Column Five Media, is in fact a design firm specialising in social Public Relations.  Isn’t that a bad thing???  Well, if you buy into Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences ideas or just basic neurology, than you may see some value here (for K-12 or higher ed!).

This video sells the idea better than I can (a design firm produced it after all)

Illustration: This is a link to an infographic that came from an Educause study about students and technology.


Information Design Visualisations

David McCandless: Data journalist

Watch this:

Visit David McCandless’ web page:

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