II. Saturday, 9/22 (ON LINE): Prelude to Qualitative Fieldwork:

Prelude to Qualitative Fieldwork: 

A. Theory and Epistemology &  ‘Taking Note of  Note Taking’
-Bailey, chapters 2-4 [Seminar Moderator:  Lisa  ]
-Angrosino chapters 2-3 [Seminar Moderator:  Stephanie   ]
-Lancy, Chapters 1-6 (break chapters 2-6 in groups) [K-12] [in Dropbox] [Seminar Moderator: Lurena  ]
-My Freshman Year by Rebekah Nathan (2005) (first half) [Higher Ed] [Seminar Moderator:  Donna       ]
-On line (Becker): The Epistemology of Qualitative Research [Seminar Moderator:  Jojo  ]
-Kaplan, Chapter 1[in Dropbox][Seminar Moderator:  Tim  ]

B. Methodology, Observation & Interviews

-Bailey, chapters 5-6 [Seminar Moderator:  Carie ]
-Angrosino chapters 4-5 [Seminar Moderator: Sophia  ]
-[The Library Study] Foster-Gibbons_cmpd.pdf (2.581 Mb)  — The pdf is in Bb. [HIGHER ED]  [Seminar Moderator: Mary Estelle    ]

HW: Introduce Google Alerts – set up a Google alert for your research topic