Ethics in Anthropology

Ethics in Applied Research

Although this is a post itself, I do not what you to comment on it. I include this only to provide directions for the following Ethics cases. You have to go into one of them to write your comments.
Ethics Discussion Assignment

The following cases were found on: the AAA Ethics Cases Web site:

Directions: For this assignment, I want you to choose one or more of the posts under the pull down menu ”Ethics Cases” and comment on it.

Overall, I expect you to write at least 1000 words. But dont count them.  I really just want genuine participation in this discussion. Rather than write it all initially, the objective is to get into a dialogue with others. Thus, you should make a comment, someone may respond to it, you may respond back to the response, etc. This is not synchronous (i.e., a real time event) so it does not matter when you write your response.

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