(Nathan) My freshman year, 2nd half [Nan]

Nathan, R. (2005). My freshman year: What a professor learned by becoming a student. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.

Ch 4 International students

US students friendly, talk about social events, but don’t take phone number (p.68)

Superficial relationships (p.69)

Separateness and individualism (p.72)

Confusing, funny peculiar social behavior of US students (p.76)  party to get drunk  perplexing

Professors seemed helpful, friendly (p.78)

Academic differences, short time to study for quizzes.  Forced to study (p.79)

Choices in system (p.83)

US students ignorant about other countries and cultures (p.84)

Ask more what this country can do to make the world a better place (p.89)

CH 5 Academics

Social norm of equality (p.91)

Equality = invisibility

Proximity to authority viewed negatively

All questions asked were related to assignments/expectations for the class (p.92)

Classroom discussions a series of opinions.  Ideas rarely debated or evaluated (p.95)

Conversations before class…anyting due today? Did you do the readings? (p.96)

Dorm Conversations

Boys, meeting boys, sex   (body image & functions, relationships, childhood, tv, movies and games, alcohol and drug experiences)

Formal talk in class dorm activities and clubs

“real” college culture in small social groups

What you really learn in college

65% of learning outside of class, 35% from class.  College experience most important

Ideal class human sexuality – students view of what they wanted to learning college, proportion of social learning and academic learning, Informal, largely social world characterized by equality, informality, intimacy, and reciprocity.  Learning fun, irreverent and separated both geographically and ideologically from formal aspects and authority of campus

CH 6 Art of College Management

Time management – serve many masters (p. 111)

Key to management was not quitting job or curtailing leisure, control college by shaping schedules, taming professors, limiting workload (p. 113)

Seniors out of college culture.  Learned about themselves, abilities, relationships more than subject areas.  87% rate experience as good or excellent

Ch 7 lessons

College message…(154)  test drive your career – pragmatism and career.  Young presenter. Contrast with discussion group

Discussion group orchestrated in advance : citizenship, diversity, environment, technology…humility. Tolerance, self-criticism, wise use of power (153)

Afterward, ethics

Revealed identity when others may have been hurt

Scholarship application, relationships with others sharing information not used for book, concern for academic success when only taking two classes.

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